FAB Heavy Hitters Singles Release Friday

FAB Heavy Hitters Singles Release Friday

PLEASE NOTE: Initial pricing from TCG player will often be high prior to release and many may drop significantly after release if you want to take the chance and wait.

The latest anticipated set for Flesh & Blood TCG releases this Friday 2 February

The smell hits you first. Blood… Sweat… Steel… Feral crowds roar loud as the thumping in your chest. You step into the arena, hot sand billowing at your feet. Drinks are poured, wagers are made, weapons are drawn…

Gold and glory is yours for the taking… If you survive the Deathmatch Arena!

Heavy Hitters brings the biggest, strongest, hardest hitting fun to Flesh and Blood gaming tables yet! Featuring six heroes across Brute, Guardian, and Warrior classes, crossover hybrid cards, and more weapons and equipment than any draftable set before, the number of options for how you bring your fight to the arena are huge!

We will have singles available to pre-order soon and despatch will be from release day