Buylist Terms & Information


TCG Singles would love to be the proud owners of your existing Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon TCG & Flesh and Blood TCG collection! The following information is for any people who would like to turn their cards into cash or store credit for TCG Singles or our sister site Unplugged Games.


Submitting your buylist order

To submit a buylist, click the Buylist button at the bottom of the page and search for the cards you wish to sell to us. Enter the appropriate quantity and condition of each card. To get an idea of what condition your cards may be in, please check out TCGPlayer's guide to card conditions.

Once you have submitted your buylist, our staff will review your order and send you a confirmation email. Once you receive the confirmation email, please drop your cards into the store or send them to:

Unplugged Games
ATTN: Buylist
Shop 3, 132 Dawson Street
Lismore NSW 2480 Australia

Please bear in mind the total given by our buylist tool is an indication only and the final total may vary based on card condition, stock levels and fees as outlined below.


Sending your cards

We recommend sending your cards safely via tracked means, as we take no responsibility for cards arriving damaged or lost in transit.

Orders not shipped within a timely fashion may be subject to updated prices or cancellation and return. 

Cards should be de-sleeved, out of folders and sent in the order your buylist is submitted. By submitting your buylist, you understand that TCG Singles will issue a 15% processing fee, subtracted from your total offer, if your collection is unsorted, sleeved, or in folders.


Getting your money

Once your cards have arrived our team will check your cards against your buylist order and make any necessary adjustments with regards to card quantity or condition.

If only minor adjustments are made in this process, we will continue with the order as below - however, if major adjustments are made (such as wrong cards being sent or most cards arriving in a worse condition than stated in your order) we will be in touch to get your approval for your new updated total.

If you don't approve of the updated total and no longer wish to sell your cards, they can be picked up from our store or shipped back at your expense. 

When it comes to payment time, depending on your chosen payment method one of two things will happen:

  • If you selected store credit, it will be automatically applied to your TCG Singles account. If you would like to transfer your store credit over to our sister site Unplugged Games to purchase sealed product and accessories, please get in touch with our team and we will make the necessary adjustments. 
  • If you selected cash, our team will be in touch to get your payment details. This will be paid either via Paypal or direct bank deposit at TCG Singles' discretion.



What cards do you buy?

We buy most cards for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon TCG and Flesh and Blood TCG. We don't buy:

  • Foreign language cards
  • Heavily played or damaged cards
  • Signed or altered cards
  • Gold or silver-bordered MTG cards
  • We reserve the right to refuse cards for any reason.

We also generally do not purchase any cards within two weeks of their official release date, however this is on a card-by-card basis so don't hesitate to reach out and ask us about your newly released cards.

The card I want to sell isn't listed?

Feel free to get in touch if you think our buylist tool is missing a card. It may be that we are not buying your card, but it also might just be an error!

The card I want to sell has no dollar value?

We only buy cards of a certain dollar value or higher through our buylist tool. We offer bulk prices for commons, rares and other cards that don't quite reach this minimum value, so please reach out to us if you have some bulk cards you'd be interested in selling.

What happens when there is an error in pricing?

No system is perfect and from time to time there may be an error in our buylist pricing. In the event that this occurs we will inform you of the error when it is discovered and how it affects your total. If you no longer wish to continue with the transaction in the event of an error, your cards will be returned to you at our expense.